National Leather Association : Utah Chapter

• Provide a neutral, unaligned forum for the exchange of knowledge and information, as related to the BDSM practices, both in Utah and Internationally.

• Provide a network of communication with other organizations that share our values, both within Utah and Internationally.

• Provide a forum where all members are supported and their contributions are equally valued, regardless of their social or financial status.

• Provide for the fellowship and support of its members through social, recreational, and educational activities as well as the exchange of information and assistance in times of need.

Welcome to NLA:Utah

Welcome to the Utah chapter of the National Leather Association-International. We are based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our aim is to support the Leather Community of Utah and allow membership from across the State. Our current Board of Directors are established, experienced Leather Folks from varied backgrounds, all of whom live and work in Utah. We are a local group and as such We look forward to building relationships with other local groups who live Alternative Lifestyles .

Who is NLA:Utah?

NLA:Utah is the new NLA chapter based in – you guessed it – Utah. Most other NLA chapters focus on a metropolitan area such as a major city, but those areas generally have more leather people in their communities. We saw a greater need to create a unifying chapter for the more spread out and at-large leather community in Utah, and our founders are all from neighborhoods all over the Salt Lake valley and the Ogden region. Should our community grow to the extent that we would be better served by utilizing multiple chapters, we will be among the first to help organize that.

Who is NLA?

The National Leather Association has been around for more than 25 years. They are referred to as NLA-International or NLA-I because they are an international leather organization, with chapters in the United States in Washington, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, Indiana, Georgia, and more; and in Canada in Toronto and Vancouver. NLA-I also holds the annual Living In Leather (LIL) event, which moves around the country from chapter to chapter each year. One day, LIL will hopefully be held right here in Utah.