Service, Submission, Slavery and Surrender

Title: Service, Submission, Slavery and Surrender
Date: 2015-02-20
Presenter: Mau (FetLife Profile)

The 4 s's: service, submission, slavery, surrender.  How many times have the difference been discussed?  What about their similarities?  Probably far too many.  None the less, there remains only the fuzziest distinction across the BDSM community.  Is person X a this, that, the other? Does it really matter?  Perhaps it doesn't matter, but only through a common understanding of terms can we communicate effectively and find our way.

The Bio of Mau:

25 years ago I went to a Japanese Tea Ceremony and fell in love…with service. That is my beginning. From there I discovered the rabbit holes of my own sadism, masochism, submission, slavery, surrender, Leather, and a very unique and distinct flavor of Dominance. Who and what am I? Very simply, I am an enigma.

Top, bottom, sadist, masochist, Matriarch (my flavor of domination), submissive, slave, and everything in between. I am a spiritualist and minister. I am college educated (lots of alphabet soup behind my name), experienced the Austin Mentor’s program (not as an apprentice – as the slave of an apprentice) circa 2003ish; a graduate of Leather Quest (SLC), class of 2011; representative of the Ms. Rocky Mountain Olympus title (2011), a single mother of two amazing children (whom I have openly chosen to raise within the boundaries of the Leather Lifestyle), an artist, educator, and a writer (of sorts). The landscape of my life also includes an 8 year M/s marriage, a 5 year live-in committed D/s relationship, a 13 year vanilla marriage, and a year-long battle with breast cancer.

Over the landscape of my life, I have acquired knowledge, experienced knowledge becoming wisdom through experience, and have a passion for passing things along and paying things forward. Every breath is a gift and every moment is a profound adventure not to be passed by.


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