Membership with NLA:Utah

The NLA:Utah Chapter offers two levels of Membership; Full Member and Chapter Supporting Member.

If you have any questions after reading over this page, please come to one of our monthly munches to talk to us.

When you decide we're the kind of folks you'd like to hang out with, please see the information below for submitting an application and payment.

All NLA:Utah Members:

  • Receive discounts when attending NLA:Utah events, workshops, parties.
  • Able to participate in sponsored programs such as mentoring or classes.
  • Receive a NLA:Utah logo vest pin, which we encourage you to wear, but it is not required.
  • We are working to offer a NLA:Utah Chapter Patch that you can purchase for a small fee.
  • Have full access to our web site and online resources.
  • Additional privileges or benefits as determined by the Board of Directors of the Chapter as they become available.

NLA:Utah Chapter Members:

  • Allowed to attend the NLA:Utah General Meetings to watch/listen but are not allowed to discuss actions, vote, or nominate other members for the Board of Directors.

NLA:Utah Full Members:

  • Eligible to hold office and/or nominate another Full Member to run for a seat on the Board of Directors of the Chapter.
  • Required to attend 3 General Meetings per year to discuss the direction of the Chapter and to vote in the Chapter's elections, actions, and motions.
  • Your application and appropriate amount of your Membership Dues are sent to NLA-International.  If they approve your application, you will receive all the benefits of being an NLA-International member too.

Membership Dues:

  • Payment of the Dues can be made with a credit card or cash in person to either the Membership Chair or Treasurer.
  • Sorry but we cannot accept personal checks.
  • Yearly Membership Dues are from July 1st until June 30th.  A quarterly pro-rated schedule is used to adjust the dues throughout the year as follows:


Purchased between For Chapter Supporting Members For Full Members
July 1 - Sept 30 $15.00 $25.00
Oct 1 - Dec 31 $11.25 $20.00
Jan 1 - Mar 31 $7.50 $15.00
Apr 1 - Jun 30 $3.75 $10.00

Signing Up:

  • Initial membership requires completion of the confidential Membership application form below.  Membership submissions will be verified against a current Utah State issued ID as only Utah residents are allowed to join our chapter.
  • Yearly membership renewals do not require the application form to be completed again unless any information from your application has changed (i.e. different address if you have moved).  If so, simply contact our Membership Chair with your updated information.